Friday, April 17, 2015


I posted a longer blog entry about classroom commands at my other blog:

 Use the commands in class as often as you can. Using the word and picture flashcard will help students focus with all the directions given in English and help you not to translate. The flashcards will be free for limited time only.

Activity: Say stand up and indicate with your arms to stand up. Do the same with sit down.
Give more instructions with Boys and Girls.

Teacher: Boys, Stand up. Girls, sit down.
Have students give out the order.

Activity: give instead of 1 direction, a series of 2 up to 4 commands, such as:
Teacher: sit down, stand up, write, read a book.
Vary the instructions.

 I created a set of symbols to represent the imperatives. You can also put them on the board when you need them. Give orders by pointing to the symbol card.

I made some cards with all the commands. Use them to play Simon Says, but Blue Bear says. Keep them in a book ring , so they will be handy when you want to review some commands.
Get the file: 

Some videos:  

Video: stand up, sit down, turn around.

Fun English Video series:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Family Theme for ELL

Provide an environment with lots of exposure to the family theme.

11. Flashcards are useful to review family words. You can start using only a few cards not the whole set, introduce more as you see progress.

Preschool Activity 1: Place the  flashcards around the room
Teacher: sister. Point to sister.
Children look around and point to the family member. Repeat with more family members.

Preschool Activity 2: Place the number 1 to 9 on the board and a family member next or above each number.
Teacher:  Number two.
Students: Mom. ( Continue until all the numbers have been called out)
Teacher:  Grandpa.

Students:  Number six.

Preschool Activity 3: Give students a flashcard and have them stand in line.
Name a family member and instruct that students to step forward and spin or turn around in place.
Teacher: baby! Where´s baby ? Turn around , baby!

12.     Puppets: Make some puppets with the family members. Dramatic play helps with learning new words and expressions, while enhancing the skills of  listening and speaking. Make puppets part of your routine.

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 Puppet activity 1
Have the class greet the puppets:
Teacher: (showing the dad puppet)Hello , students!
Class: hello, dad!!
Repeat with all the other family members.

Puppet activity 2:
Teacher: (Point to daddy). Who´s he ?
Students: He´s daddy.

Puppet activity 3: 
Hold up a family member puppet.
Teacher:   Is this mother ? Students have to nod or shake their heads or hold up the yes or no puppets. (available on my TPT store)
Students:if the answer is YES, have them wave and greet the family member.
 Hello, mother!

3. Puzzle:  Cut the family members cards into 4 pieces. Show one piece to the class and have them guess the family member. Place on the board. Have the children come up to the front to put the puzzle together, or have them do it on their tables.
4.      Family Shapes. There are 2 versions for this game.
a-    The family members are in each shape. Have the children say which family member is in each shape.  Name a family member and have them say which shape that person is in. 
I created a flannel board out of an old file folder, by pasting felt directly to the file. I also glued some velcro on each shape.

b-    Blank shapes and separate family members. Place the shapes on the board. Have the children place a family member where you say.
Teacher: Grandpa is in the circle.
            Baby brother is in the oval.
            Baby Girl is in the rectangle.

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5. Family drawing: have children draw their families and describe them to the class.
6. Family draw inI made all these family members without face parts. The chidren will have to draw them and make them happy, sad or angry to review emotions and parts of the face. There are also big faces to do the same, but with pink or red yarn paste on an emotion to it.

7. Animal family: I ran across these animal families and made them as into matching cards. 
8. Awards: put a safety pin behind.

9. Family Domino: paste your domino onto old files or scraps of old cardboard. Give them free play time with the dominos.

10. Family Halves Game: give students all the halves and have them sort the people by family members. Also, give each student a half and have them get together by finding a partner with another half. Then, have them get together by family members.

11. Family Album: have the students cut and paste family pictures in each space. Then can also draw each family member.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter for Preschool ELL

Easter Board game: students will learn besides taking turns, to count spaces in English. Lots of sharing and waiting will occur with this attractive game. I placed mine on a file folder, but you can make any kind of layout with the pieces. I placed the bunny con clip binders so they can stand. The eggs can be glued on any path you like. Four children can play at the time. Player 1 rolls the die and moves the bunny the spaces indicated on the die. The players take turns.

Easter How many book ?:  This is a pattern kind of book so children can easily understand because all the words are repeated in every page.

Easter Photo Booth: so much fun to take  pictures.

Easter Wreath: focus on creating this fun wreath using crayons, chalk, paints, watercolors or tempera paint blocks.

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 Easter Domino Game: use the game for matching skills. Easter pictures are used instead of dots. Help children link the dominos together.

Easter Game: play teaches children without even noticing it. Print all the cards and them in line in the half. Give each child a half-card and the go around looking for a friend that has the other half. They have to stand together, as you walk around checking and having the whole card members say the name of the card.

You can also play games like having the children group as chicks, carrots and so on. Or group as half chick with half carrots.

Flashcards game: Review the flashcards with the students. Shuffle the flashcards and have the students guess which flashcard you are holding. The student that guesses correctly keeps the card. 

Easter number eggs: help students learn discursive math and work on math topics with easy games. The student has to glue or place the correct amount of picture eggs on each number.

Easter Mobile: photocopy the pieces on colored cardboard if you wish. Students can use markers, sequins or glitter glue to decorate all the pictures. Punch a hole on all the pieces to put them together. I used yarn to hang up the mobile.

Get the files for free for Limited Time!!!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

St. Patrick´s Day 2015

Transmit culture through this language lesson on a famous Holiday.
Talk about the Holiday to the children and use hands- on activities to get students acquainted to  this Green Holiday. Increase student´s awareness by offering insights into the Tradition and Culture as it is transmitted through language.

Tracer book: You can add contact paper to each page and have the students use the book over and over again. Children can trace the words with the finger or erasable markers. Have the students read the phrase con each page. Tracing will help with writing.

Free Link for limited time:

Printable bracelets: Hand in a bracelet to each child. The children color the bracelets as indicated by you. Tape the ends together. As all the bracelets are different, call a word and have the students make groups with their bracelets. You can use different color paper to print them.

Domino: make a many sets you can, a set can work for three to four children. You can make large prints of the domino. Encourage children to play other games with the dominos.
Free link for limited time:
Flashcards: use them to present the Holiday words. Stick the flashcards on the board.

Idea 1:    Teacher: It is green. It is for my head . (mime putting on the hat)
                Students: hat. (Pointing to the flashcard)
                Repeat with all the flashcards.

Idea 2:    If you are working on the alphabet. Have the students order the flashcards in alphabetical order.
Idea 3:    Teacher: ( show a card) It´s a yellow coin.
               Students: clap and say TRUE!  if it´s true.
                  NO! if it´s wrong.

Crown: print this crown and have as many as you need. They can have a powerful effect on discipline. It will encourage the rest of the class to follow the super student. Also consider giving the reward to those that make a great effort or huge progress in class. Give as many students the chance to win or wear the crown.
Teacher Mariaymed from Caracas with her photo props.
Some puppets: 

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Seasons part 1

Flashcards: Don´t just go for rote memorization of the flashcards. 

Try interactive flashcards games. The flashcards are free for limited time.

Graph: give the children the chance to read, interpret and analyze information, in English. Tell the children that with the graph they find out the favorite season of the year of the students in the class.

Words Cards: just a set of picture and word cards 

There´s a sunscreen lotion in the file to make a card holder.You can also use it to play a guessing game by slowly taking a card out and having the children guess what it is.

Have the children place the cards face up on their table. Ask them to find a word.

Teacher: Find sun.

Students: sun. Showing the word and picture card.

Connecting cards  variations: have the students match two identical picture cards, two identical word cards, or picture to a word card. Continue with all the words.

There´s a Bingo grid included as in other blog posts.

Get the files for time.

Video Season Song:

I created a book that relates the seasons to specific clothes. Actively read aloud to the class. Introduce the book by telling the children that for each season, there are different clothes to wear, ask questions about the clothes and the seasons settings.

A big colored version can be printed and kept in class. It would be nice to have a class library using plastic containers to keep books organized, and displayed with their covers facing  out to encourage students to read. 

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